the priests play a game with cards — each card has a debating point — some of them are in squiggly arabic that none of the priests can follow — those go on the discard pile — some are in that one with all the accents and all the le…

transcend our encumbent dwellers with the blessings of death — the death whose stench we grasp with love from wretches bosom blast that belches forth upon god’s children’s day — tis petr the jew come through tears to know of dreams again for the welcome given bursts our crescent whole…

“prefer a bit of the old caramel” words to suggest a direct attack on chocolate is a foolhardy venture — “theofumigans” after the noble savages of the wild west so beloved of hollywood — yet “real easter egg” (trademark) is advertised in the parish news in a lengthy piece topped…

just a wee story of the heart cut out in a month or so — dance for your captors here’s a lucozade??
there’s the cocoa plants there’s the manure pile this is the pope
fancy a nap from hell have a whiff of this exhaled air plus the chocolate vapours as it warms
so anyway bring in the devil in the form of a blind man
bring in the woman she can see although she no understand english
bring in the chocolate manufacturer he never touches the shite
here you go its in brail this is me
become over-sensitised to women
ooohhh become over-sensitised to women
as the dust settles decent makeover
they have a way over there must be all the curry
ladyboys in the house
one in one out

is it that you are over invested in the gate?
we see how far we can push you into the gain

a load o’gumph

the that is you as well plant
the is it only me that feels it thing

become over-sensitized to women
ooohhh become over-sensitized to women

children’s comprehension check
the paper with sentences with words missing
the apple is
any answer is ok
its primary school after all
you can draw a picture of a snake
the coffee is

(where’s one of our snitches gone)
(smile as they depart)

[an experimental coffee substitute is caffeine plus the aroma of entrails allowed to spoil]

the mood manouever
the external sounds
the tones of voice
the additive rules
theres a load of points for that

one game two game two for one
listen to the band play on
can you to prison go
over the chocky-late that is foe
follow my lead to same query bleak
sad man to his only death do speak

another theory is to provide chocky-late to the imbiber during the period of their zombie sulk

smoking makes me very nervous — remove a item of clothing each time you re-read this

what is surprising about tea? we adore to hear your funny legal arguments — there are those that prefer the prefix again to allow overwriting of the previous state with this one

what is wrong with coffee? you are a coffee bean

give a chirpy “yippee” to any deliberate annoyance - avoid eye contact - mirrors exist

the terror squid

the terror squid is renowned for its ability to change its skin tone to give the appearance of letters that form sentences alarming to predators
for example
"it is only for me emperor barass in my place to rid the world of nuclear weapons
they are for me and my wife to argue over
emperor barass makes them in the night
emperor barass destroys them in the day
it is to assist my wife when she angry me


it is better to say your response to her to me

my clothes are fine

the female psyche and its interaction with the devil is my forte according to the british medical association
to remove the connection one uses techniques according to my mother’s teachings
the woman is a fervently follows eden’s approach


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