how goes the war?

2 min readMay 29, 2021


“prefer a bit of the old caramel” words to suggest a direct attack on chocolate is a foolhardy venture — “theofumigans” after the noble savages of the wild west so beloved of hollywood — yet “real easter egg” (trademark) is advertised in the parish news in a lengthy piece topped by the desolate notion that it launches via some erstwhile filthy — as we may as well say — use of the word — so we present some more heated debate insofar as the chocolate fumes during the melting process of the cooking variety are so potent as to render one absent from cognition for approximately five paces — add to that mix an over-abundance of carbon dioxide as the main ingredient in exhaled breath we find ourselves crashing to the floor only to survive with a vengefulness in our plans as murder attempts that steal our dwell upon god’s shore albeit briefly deserve one part of the same — women suffer a different fate we presume to add — so tease as we do for are all religions save a few all based upon a joke and a jest as we joust with this satanic brew — just checking the old bible it still says “god” rather than chocolate although its a long old read
many a poser exists for may we suggest the difference is in the ideas below

god is evil — give us a demonstration

turnips are evil
potatoes are evil
god is evil
salmon are evil

potatoes are evil — oops catastrophe god???

so it is we understand the holy spirit through childhood study conveyed with the adult pleasures of caffeine and putrescine as is hinted by the awful notion that there is bound to be a way to take the mickey out of coffee if only we could find out what it is— so we learn of the holy ghosts that beset us as the succubus old does crush our breath from our body as we sleep (a brief diversion here for the covid as it happens may be an interlude of ageing for a healthy draft through the bedroom sure provokes a welcome to the morn) — so to sleep our habits askew our defence from satanic majesty abrupt and curtailed for as many know a dream can wake so we pray for the blind that can hear — the blind forsaken by jesus’ love dropping into the hands of drug makers far from the welcoming hands of the rice medicine people — of both types — so we present a mirror that the gaze of the wicked may only see their own eyes for these ghosts demand to see — become over-sensitised to women
ooohhh become over-sensitised to women