reaching for the less mad

3 min readJun 16, 2021

the priests play a game with cards — each card has a debating point — some of them are in squiggly arabic that none of the priests can follow — those go on the discard pile — some are in that one with all the accents and all the le and la they can be spotted a mile away — others are in the ng amat halungan na dapat style — can the brain take a wrong turn in believing one of those to be understandable?

the vial of tincture — we got a problem with this one everytime he sees a small vial he goes all peculiar

the smart ones join the army — get in there quick lad — keep ’em occupied

we got this one covered they take them off us in the street — its a pack of ice lollies they’re melting anyway here have one — “fifty pence” — vote for me “a chocolate bar”

its important we have an illness that can never be cured — that can never have a tablet to alleviate the symptoms - there you go its a pill for senility — thats you by the way — all the men are on their knees presenting to you gifts — gifts of poison soil gifts of luxury houses — so beware man a certain part of the house — place therein two buckets soil seclusion a place to lay flat a flap through which water may be drawn a place through which sustenance may be procured for tis me blind dog dentist man — be happy as woman leaves to enter — as is commanded in the holy books of the jews as is played out amongst the heathens of the jungle thanks be to g-d

become over-sensitised to women
become over-sensitised to women

here is what we do we elongate the owe the oh as it is on some accents we sound a bit retarded a bit childish with nothing to communicate except we’re stupid for example helloooo

never see never see them

the temple mount the place of sacrifice many hands are tired with the spectacle of cutting out the beating hearts so let us make money — you have money? — yes look we can fool police it is one dollar it is one hundred dollar — here we have many hungry dogs to buy it is roman way

the tea hippies there is a way they can be a laugh say to them thats more funny somehow they start laughing no no no they dead

vampire bites you in neck so you must have head — confess to murder in one month as women’s day is short

nags you a lot does she? on and on trying to find out something about humanity in order to destroy it — meet a lot of pedophiles in prison exposing themselves to kids?

whisper nice whisper creepy whisper valiant spite as woman hear you flood her brain with witchcraft in man’s clothing turn from demon throned in kingdom black alas the woman sends me hear to betray mankind my king so flee there is nothing for you there the woman betrays you fool live with me in your dread for eternity this woman is only sweet despair of agony anew in your arms let your parents drink her innocence begone!

the couple at marriage guidance
her with the memory disease
childhood sweethearts
we search for the missing photographs

there is nothing in the first that a woman is interested in investigating even to the point of the police knocking on your door more than once for the same offence of passing notes to the neighbours

as to the clippers this is a muslim thing scare each other there is much research as to the hair as to the receipt of gifts

we tape the beard trimmers onto the nuclear weapons the nuclear weapons are gone we tape them to a man he is gone even he has phone with tracker he is gone from the universe who is he? he is mohammed the only one avoid eye contact with those under the influence of oil and gas based medicine the thing can travel between minds as can we only in a more limited capacity this is twenty twenty one everyone’s a bit dim